451 week 8

I plan to enroll in NP prgram  in the Fall . I just going to continue to work , continiue with education until sucessful completion of the NP program Goal is to work as acute care nurse practioner in critical care . Contribute gobally to make the world a better place by closing the gap of SDOH.

451 week 8-sample solution

I plan to enrol in the NP program during Fall to enhance my career readiness and as a form of professional development for the future. I will continue to work while participating in the NP program until completion hence the need for a work-education balance. My future career goal is to work as an acute care nurse practitioner. I also intend to contribute globally to improve the world by closing the gap in social determinants of health (SDOH). Social determinants of health for seniors, such as housing, food, financial resources, transportation, and social connections, are crucial for better overall well-being and health outcomes (Perez et al., 2022). In this context, I wish to encourage and fight for a just and compassionate society where everyone can age with dignity, meaning, and security. I hope to participate in projects like NCOA’s efforts to create the Aging Hub of the 100 Million Healthier Lives (100MLives) program, a collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), and other initiatives like these that support equitable care for senior citizens.(acute-care nurse practioner EssaySample)

To accomplish the objective of a reformed healthcare system, including meeting the challenges of taking care of older and sicker patients, incorporating patient safety and quality of care into practice, and understanding economics and its effect on the workforce, strong leadership will be necessary for addition to reforms in nursing practice and education. Every nurse should serve as a leader in the design, execution, and assessment of the ongoing system reforms that will be required, as well as advocating for them (Stewart, 2021). Although the public is not accustomed to seeing nurses as leaders, and not all nurses start their careers with aspirations concerning becoming leaders, this is a requirement for quality care delivery.(acute-care nurse practioner EssaySample)

Additionally, nurses must possess leadership abilities and competencies to participate fully in redesign and reform initiatives across the healthcare system with doctors and other medical professionals. Nursing research and practice must keep exploring and creating evidence-based care advances, and the healthcare system needs to evaluate and implement these transformations through policy changes (Stewart, 2021). The practice environment, nursing education, and practice and policy all require leaders in nursing to incorporate new research discoveries into practice.

Being a complete partner demands leadership abilities and capabilities that must be used inside the profession and in cooperation with other health professionals, which goes for all nursing levels. To be a full partner in care environments and support the ongoing changes in the healthcare system, I intend to be accountable for recognizing issues and areas of waste, developing and putting into practice an improvement plan, monitoring progress over time, and making required adjustments to achieve set goals (Stewart, 2021). I want to be involved in decision-making about how to enhance the provision of care since nurses are powerful patient advocates and have a better understanding of patients’ needs.(acute-care nurse practioner EssaySample)

Moreover, being a full partner has broader applications in health policy. For instance, I must view policy as an element that I can influence rather than something that occurs to me, whether at the local organizational level or the national level if I am to be effective in reconceptualized roles and to be recognized and accepted as a leader (Stewart, 2021). Additionally, I must effectively participate in the political process, speak the policy’s language, and collaborate as part of a team. Conclusively, to be involved in healthcare reform implementation efforts, I ought to have a say in the formulation of health policy.(acute-care nurse practioner EssaySample)

acute-care nurse practioner EssaySample


Perez, F. P., Perez, C. A., & Chumbiauca, M. N. (2022). Insights into the Social Determinants of Health in Older Adults. Journal of biomedical science and Engineering15(11), 261–268. https://doi.org/10.4236/jbise.2022.1511023

Stewart, D. (2021). Nurses: a voice to lead: a vision for future healthcare. International Council of Nurses. https://www.icn.ch/system/files/documents/2021-05/ICN%20Toolkit_2021_ENG_Final.pdf

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