34 Abortion Essay Topics, 30 Abortion Research Questions and Article Examples

This article covers popular abortion essay topics and research questions. In it you will also find exemplar abortion essays.(Abortion essay topics and examples)


Abortion is the act of ending a pregnancy (spontaneous ejection/removal of a fetus) prior to actually 22 weeks of pregnancy or before the fetus weighs 500 g.


Pregnancy care and gynecology


Aspasius, artificially aborted a child in 540 BC, by employing forceful motions, abdominal massage, internal methods, and even bloodletting. Ibn Sina, an Arab physician who practiced from 980 to 1036, not only used a small pelvis to accomplish artificial abortions but also developed a unique apparatus for injecting embryonic fluid into the uterus. Mifepristone, the first medication for medical abortion, was developed in the 1980s at the French research facility in Romanville. Numerous experiments have established their excellent efficacy, and in 1988, France and China allowed their use for pharmacological abortions.(Abortion essay topics and examples)

Societal Views

Abortion is still controversial in society. Pro-choice advocates believe that a woman’s body is exclusively her business whereas pro-life campaigners insist that life is sacrosanct from conception because it has a soul sent by God.

Abortion Essay Topics and Article Examples

Abortion Essay Topics

  1. Brief Fact Sheet on Abortion During the Women’s 
  2. Fertility and American Abortion Policy
  3. The Abortion: Safe Methods and Pregnancy
  4. Mifepristone and Misoprostol for Medical Abortion
  5. Arguments Based on Humanity Against Abortion
  6. Included in abortion are rape and incest(Abortion essay topics and examples)
  7. Abortion and Stem Cell Research: A Moral Debate
  8. Methods of Abortion Through the Years
  9. Argument for Permitting Abortion in the First Trimester
  10. Women’s Lowering Abortion Age Range
  11. History of American Medical Abortions
  12. Dr. J.C. Willke’s book The Abortion: Questions and Answers
  13. History, alternatives, benefits and drawbacks, and acceptance of abortion throughout the 1920s
  14. India’s Gender-Based Sex-Selective Abortion
  15. Parental Consent Should Be Required for Minor Abortions
  16. Life-cycle Fertility and Legal Abortion
  17. Clinics offering abortions shouldn’t be shut down
  18. The Non-Surgical Method of Terminating a Pregnancy: Abortion
  19. Woman in Australia dies from abortion drug at Marie Stopes
  20. Access to birth control, education, and abortion
  21. Women’s Rights and Options Regarding Abortion
  22. The US should continue to allow abortions
  23. Abortion results in severe pain and negative side effects in 97% of women, 
  24. The Right of Women to a Safe Abortion(Abortion essay topics and examples)
  25. Contraception Is Not Murder It’s a Collection of Cells
  26. The Moral, Social, and Medical Dilemmas Raised by Abortion
  27. Laws on abortion and women’s health
  28. Reinterpreting the Akerlof-Yellen-Katz Model of Pre-Marital Sex and Shotgun Marriage to Address Abortion, Contraception, and Non-Marital Births
  29. Costs of abortion, divorce, and non-marital childbirth
  30. Model for Social Research on Abortion
  31. Abortion: Only in Specific Situations
  32. Abortion, anti-woman, anti-feminist
  33. The most divisive topic in the field of therapy is abortion.
  34. The Unborn Fetus’ Rights Are Ignored by Abortion

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Abortion Research Questions

  1. Are There Any Psychological Effects Following an Elective Abortion?
  2. Why Should Woman Not Ever Have an Abortion?
  3. Abortion Restrictions and Abortion Rates: Has State Abortion Policy Been Successful?
  4. Does Increased Abortion Lead to Lower Crime?
  5. Why Abortion Should Remain Legal and With Limitations
  6. Abortion Legalization and Child Living Circumstances: Who Is the Marginal Child?
  7. What Psychological Impact Does Abortion Have on Women?
  8. Why Many Christians Oppose Abortion?(Abortion essay topics and examples)
  9. Did Legalized Abortion Lower Crime?
  10. How Can Abortion Affect Healthcare Reform?
  11. Why Shouldn’t Doctors Perform Induced Abortions?
  12. How Has Abortion and Birth Control Affected the 20th and 21st Century?
  13. Does Rape Justify Abortion?
  14. Does Abortion Have Severe Psychological Effects?
  15. Why Is the Abortion Debate Often So Heated?
  16. Why Should the Government Ban Abortion?
  17. Why Should Abortion Clinics Remain Open?
  18. Does Abortion Affect Subsequent Pregnancy?
  19. Why Does Humanity Oppose Abortion?
  20. How Are Religious and Ethical Principles Used in the Abortion?
  21. Who Should Decide the Legality of Abortion?
  22. Why Should Abortion Remain Legal?
  23. What Are the Ethical Issues Raised With Abortion?
  24. Why Abortion Attitudes Will Always Be Controversial?
  25. Why Should You Avoid Abortion Abortions?
  26. What Does the Word Abortion?
  27. Why Does Abortion Cause Remorse for Murder?
  28. How Can an Abortion Physically Damage Your Body?
  29. Why Should There Be an Abortion?
  30. Why Should Abortion Services Be Fully Funded?
34 Abortion Essay Topics, 30 Abortion Research Questions and Article Examples
34 Abortion Essay Topics, 30 Abortion Research Questions and Article Examples

Abortion Article Examples

Argumentative abortion essays can be tricky to write, as they require you to think critically about the topic while also presenting your own opinions in a persuasive manner. In this article, we’ll outline the steps on How to Write an Argumentative Abortion Essay.(Abortion essay topics and examples)

If you’re looking for Abortion Essay Topics, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re interested in discussing the pro and con arguments surrounding the procedure or diving into deeper personal reflections, you’re sure to find something that interests you

Spontaneous abortion is a term used to describe the termination of a pregnancy without any intervention from another person. It is thought to occur when the fetus dies in the womb without any external or internal stimuli.

Community Health Promotion Essay Examples

Capella University Health Promotion Plan And Best Practices PPTDiscussion: NURSFPX4060 Capella University Health Promotion Plan and Best Practices PPT Health Promotion Plan
Health Promotion Plan PresentationHealth Promotion Plan Presentation
Health Promotion and Community Resource Teaching ProjectIdentify interdisciplinary health professionals important to include in the health promotion. What is their role? Why is their involvement significant?
Identify a health problem or need for health promotion for a particular stage in the life span of a populationPURPOSE To apply concepts you have learned about health promotion concepts and strategies, enhance your written communication skills, and demonstrate a beginning understanding of cultural competency. 
Pender Health Promotion ModelPender Health Promotion Model

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34 Abortion Essay Topics, 30 Abortion Research Questions and Article Examples

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