50+ Top Essay Topics on Diabetes + 20 Best Research Examples & Essays

This article covers over 50 top essay topics on diabetes, feel free to go through the entire list and pick a topic that is best suited for you. In it, you will also find 20 exemplar diabetes research examples and essays.


DefinitionDiabetes is a chronic condition brought on by the body’s inability to control glucose/blood sugar levels. The primary fuel for cells in the body is glucose, which comes from the meals we eat. By enabling glucose to penetrate the cells and be utilized for energy, the pancreatic hormone insulin aids in controlling blood sugar levels.

Type 1 and type 2 are the two primary subtypes of diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune condition, targets and kills pancreatic cells that create insulin. As a consequence, the body is not able to produce insulin and control blood sugar levels. Young adults and children are often the ones who are diagnosed with this form of diabetes, which is managed with insulin pumps or injections

Type 2 is the most prevalent form of diabetes. It develops when the body resists the impacts of insulin or when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to fulfill the body’s requirements. The majority of people with this kind of diabetes are adults, and it is frequently linked to a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and obesity. It can be managed with a regimen of oral medicines, insulin injections, diet, and exercise.(Essay Topics on Diabetes)
HistoryDiabetes has a long history and was first mentioned in medical books as early as 1500 BCE in ancient civilizations. Weight loss, excessive thirst, and urination were all mentioned as signs of diabetes by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. The ailment, however, wasn’t properly comprehended and a cure wasn’t found until the 19th century.

A shortage of insulin, a hormone generated by the pancreas that aids in controlling blood sugar levels, was found to be the root cause of diabetes in the late 1800s, according to researchers. As a result of this finding, insulin treatment was created and has been utilized to control diabetes since 1922.

With over 400 million diabetics, diabetes is currently a significant worldwide health concern. It is a major contributor to the worldwide burden of heart disease, renal disease, and blindness and a leading cause of mortality and disability. Diabetes still poses a substantial public health concern despite great advancements in its management and treatment, and research is underway to identify new and improved methods of prevention and treatment.(Essay Topics on Diabetes)
CausesThere are several explanations for insulin resistance and issues with glucose metabolism. If close family members have diabetes, unfavorable heredity is given a prominent role. A lack of dietary fiber, processed meals, saturated and trans fats, fast foods as well as nutritional deficiencies with an excess of simple carbs, are other variables that might cause the condition. Obesity and being overweight are also thought to be possible causes of diabetes.(Essay Topics on Diabetes)
SymptomsThe signs and symptoms of diabetes might differ among individuals; however, some frequent ones are as follows:

Frequent urination: Individuals who have diabetes may need to pee more frequently, especially at night, since elevated blood sugar levels can lead the body to generate more urine.

Increased thirst: High blood sugar levels can also cause an increase in thirst as the body works to remove extra sugar through the urine.

Fatigue: Low blood sugar levels make it difficult for the body’s cells to utilize glucose as fuel, which can result in a lack of energy.(Essay Topics on Diabetes)

Vision blur: High levels of blood sugar can cause the eye’s lens to expand, which can impair vision.

Reduced healing: Diabetes can impair the body’s capacity to repair wounds and fight off infections, which can result in slow-healing cuts and infections.

Development of Hands or feet that are numb or tingly: High blood sugar levels can harm blood vessels and nerves, resulting in tingling and numbness in the extremities.

Unintentional weight loss: Individuals who have diabetes may lose some weight while experiencing high appetite because their bodies can’t utilise glucose as fuel.(Essay Topics on Diabetes)
TreatmentDiabetes is treated according to the patient’s unique requirements and objectives, the kind and degree of the condition, and other factors. An individualized treatment plan may be created with the assistance of a team of health professionals, which may include an endocrinologist, a nutritionist, a diabetes educator, and a primary care physician.

Diabetes is commonly treated using the following methods:

Balanced Meals and exercise: Choosing a healthy lifestyle can help control blood sugar levels and lower the risk of problems. Examples of such choices include eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activity.

Oral medicines: A variety of oral medicines, which either boost insulin production or increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, can reduce blood sugar levels. These drugs include thiazolidinediones, metformin, and sulfonylureas.

Injections of insulin: The hormone insulin helps control blood sugar levels. In order to control their disease, persons with type 1 diabetes and certain people with type 2 diabetes may be required to administer insulin injections. An insulin pump, a syringe, or an insulin pen can be used to administer insulin.(Essay Topics on Diabetes)

Other injectable drugs: SGLT-2 inhibitors and GLP-1 receptor agonists are two additional injectable drugs that can assist to reduce blood sugar levels.

Bariatric surgery: Type 2 diabetics and obese persons may occasionally be patients for bariatric surgery, which entails surgical treatments to aid with weight loss.(Essay Topics on Diabetes)
What is Diabetes?

50+ Top Essay Topics on Diabetes + 20 Best Research Examples & Essays

Essay Topics on Diabetes

  1. The prevalence of diabetes worldwide
  2. The evolution of diabetes treatment
  3. The relationship between type 2 diabetes and obesity
  4. The contribution of genetics to the progression of diabetes
  5. Long-term problems of uncontrolled diabetes
  6. The advantages of insulin pump treatment to persons with type 1 diabetes
  7. Diet and exercise’s role in managing diabetes
  8. Using continuous glucose monitoring to control diabetes
  9. The potential of using bariatric surgery to treat type 2 diabetes
  10. The efficiency of oral drugs in managing diabetes
  11. The connection between cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  12. Diabetes’s effects on pregnancy outcomes(Essay Topics on Diabetes)
  13. Kidney disease and its connection to diabetes
  14. The connection between mental health and diabetes
  15. The importance of community involvement in managing diabetes
  16. The utilization of technology in the treatment of diabetes
  17. Diabetes management challenges in low-income populations
  18. The effects of stress on diabetics’ ability to manage their blood sugar
  19. The contribution of education to better diabetes management
  20. The function of the medical staff in treating diabetes
  21. The efficacy of diabetes treatment via telemedicine
  22. The influence of belief systems on diabetes management
  23. The contribution of social media to diabetes education and support
  24. Insulin resistance and the progression of type 2 diabetes
  25. The effect of sleep on blood sugar management in diabetics
  26. Relationship between dental health and diabetes
  27. Artificial intelligence in the management of diabetes
  28. The potential of using stem cells to treat diabetes
  29. Diabetes’ influence on the normal aging(Essay Topics on Diabetes)
  30. The function of physical therapy in the treatment of diabetes
  31. The use of complementary treatments in the management of diabetes
  32. The potential of using gene therapy to treat diabetes
  33. Diabetes’s effects on reproductive health
  34. The treatment of type 2 diabetes with insulin pumps
  35. Diabetes’ effect on the innate immunity
  36. The treatment of diabetes through the use of insulin pens
  37. Diabetes’s Effect on the Skin
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Research Questions on Diabetes

  1. In high-risk groups, what are the best methods for avoiding the progression of type 2 diabetes?
  2. How can insulin delivery systems be made better so that persons with type 1 diabetes can better control their blood sugar levels?(Essay Topics on Diabetes)
  3. What are the best methods for preventing diabetic complications including neuropathy, renal disease, and cardiovascular disease?
  4. How can we comprehend the environmental and genetic elements that influence the progression of type 1 diabetes?
  5. How can the efficiency of oral drugs for the treatment of type 2 diabetes be increased?
  6. How can we better comprehend the connection between type 2 diabetes and obesity and create weight-management plans that work better for those who have the condition?(Essay Topics on Diabetes)
  7. What are the best methods for gestational diabetes patients to control their blood sugar levels throughout pregnancy?
  8. How might the efficiency of insulin pumps for the treatment of type 1 diabetes be increased?
  9. How can we improve our comprehension of the relationship between diabetes and mental wellbeing and create more potent approaches to treating this comorbidity?(Essay Topics on Diabetes)

Research Examples on Diabetes

1. Module 2: Teaching and Learning in an Academic Environment, Professional Development – Teaching Plan for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM)

Develop a teaching plan for a patient-care problem. The plan should be based on a health behavior framework (model or theory) that promotes changes in behavior through educational intervention strategies.

2. Literature Review Of Diabetes Mellitus Nursing Essay

The review of literature for the present Study has been done on knowledge regarding lifestyle modification among diabetes mellitus patients from published articles, textbooks, reports, newsletters, medline and internet search.

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3. Management of Type 2 Diabetes – Best Study Guides (2022)

This article discusses the management of Type 2 Diabetes

4. Integrated Health Promotion Plan for Patient with Diabetes – Best Study Guides (2022)

Health promotion can lower morbidity and liabilities cost in health care today. In our practice, nurses take care of and deal with illnesses that patients have upon our interaction…(Essay Topics on Diabetes)

5. Comparison of Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease – Best Study Guides

Practicing medicine is an art. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a disease where clinicians exercise their artistic skills in choosing antihyperglycemic drugs to control patient’s blood sugars. How does a provider choose a 2nd line drug for a type 2 diabetic with uncontrolled blood sugars?

6. Distinction between Various Types of Diabetes – Best Nursing Solutions (2022)

Review the Resources for this module and reflect on differences between types of diabetes, including type 1, type 2, gestational, and juvenile diabetes.

7. Public Health Problem – Diabetes – Best Solved Essay (2022)

This week, you will develop a needs statement, which provides factual information for understanding the health problem. A problem statement is one of the most crucial parts of your concept paper.

8. Program to address Diabetes – Best Solved Sample (2022)

For this assignment, you will assume that you are a staff member at a county health department. There is a lot of discussion about the growing prevalence of diabetes in your county. (Essay Topics on Diabetes)

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  11. 2 Best Nursing Care Plans for Type 1 Diabetes
  12. Nursing Care Plans for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus – Best Nursing Care Plans (2022)
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50+ Top Essay Topics on Diabetes + 20 Best Research Examples & Essays
50+ Top Essay Topics on Diabetes + 20 Best Research Examples & Essays

Related FAQs

1. Why is diabetes a good topic?

Diabetes is a condition that affects people of all ages and is incredibly prevalent. Diabetes has been shown to be the starting point for various health issues, thus individuals who are afflicted with it face serious health difficulties.

2. What can trigger diabetes?

  • Genetics and ancestry
  • Insulin resistance
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Genetic changes
  • Obesity, excess weight, and inactivity
  • Hormonal disorders

3. Can diabetes go away?

Diabetes type 2 does not have a treatment. However, the disease could be reversible to the point where you no longer require medicine to control it and your body is no longer adversely affected by having levels of blood sugar that are excessively high.

4. Can diabetics drink alcohol?

Only with temperance

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