reply to these discussion post. initial Discussion question

Reply to these discussion post. initial Discussion question-Sample Solution

2 Bonus Nursing Discussion Replies Essays

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The discussion was informative and engaging. Professional development is vital for lifelong learning among nurses as it is crucial to improve and maintain competency in nursing practice.(2 Nursing Discussion Replies Essays) As such, nursing bodies and affiliations are proactive in making professional nursing health by meeting the needs of the clients, nurses and the community. You mentioned that a significant role played by professional bodies is to offer nurses an opportunity for career development through continued education and training.(2 Bonus Nursing Discussion Replies Essays)

In addition, organizations such as the American Nurses Organisation offer a platform for the nursing profession to influence healthcare policies and advocate for the highest quality of care. In this regard, nursing organizations improve the standard of practice by promoting research and evidence-based practice (LoBiondo-Wood et al., 2018).(2 Bonus Nursing Discussion Replies Essays)


LoBiondo-Wood, G., Haber, J., & Titler, M. G. (2018). Evidence-based practice for nursing and healthcare quality improvement. Elsevier Health Sciences.

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            Thank you for the discussion. Nursing professional bodies are committed to both professional and personal growth within the nursing scope. I support that nursing affiliations ensure that nurses from different hospitals, states or even nations are one big community to easy communication about policies, care quality and new trends and voice the nurses’ interests to stakeholders or even the government. Therefore, the organization offers nurses networking opportunities with peers through annual conferences and local events.

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In addition, organizations like the International Council of Nurses (ICN) support advocacy as one of the significant pillars of nursing. In this case, the nurses advocate for their clients, workplace and community members. Of importance, nursing organizations promote political and legislative advocacy that is instrumental in advancing patient care and the nursing profession (Selekman et al., 2019).(2 Bonus Nursing Discussion Replies Essays)


Selekman, J., Shannon, R. A., & Yonkaitis, C. F. (2019). School nursing: A comprehensive text. FA Davis.

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            Your discussion was informative. Nursing organizations are suitable platforms for nurses to implement changes at professional and state-national legislative levels. Besides advocacy and continued nursing education, nursing professional organizations offer nurses a broad range of benefits. First, nursing professional organizations offer job prospects and provide career resources that aid newly trained nurses in breaking into the job market (Dean, 2018). Secondly, the organizations offer mentorship programs to allow experienced nurses to share their knowledge with fresh nursing talents. Membership in professional organizations offers nurses access to resources such as magazines, newsletters and publications about career opportunities, growth, and upcoming events or conferences.(2 Bonus Nursing Discussion Replies Essays)

2 Bonus Nursing Discussion Replies Essays


Dean, L. (2018). Ten benefits of joining a professional association. Retrieved from https://www.infotrack

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