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Listen to the story, “Yanomami Mami” from Snap Judgement and participate in discussion. (This is a radio story. You can also find the story in your Podcast app on your smartphone.)

Answer all of the discussion questions with details from the story. Be sure to use the class terms, such as culture shock, etc., based on this week’s reading. Turn-in a Word document, or PDF, to the corresponding “Assignment” dropbox.

Radio story: Yanomami Mami

Discussion Questions. Answer all of them in your initial post:

1) What is an example of someone from the story experiencing “culture shock”? Explain.

2) Pick one norm from the Yanamamo culture that differs from U.S. (or your own) culture. Why does this norm make sense in their culture but not ours? Really think about it! No surface answer here.

3) When you heard about this story, did you practice ethnocentrism or cultural relativism? Explain how and why. Really think about it. (Use the definition in your textbook, not the internet!)

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